Designer Lunch Bags

There’s nothing wrong with having a good looking lunch bag and designer lunch bags are exactly that. If you have an eye for well designed products then your lunch box shouldn’t be some drab outdated 80’s throwback.

You need to check out the latest in designer lunch bags. They come in a variety of modern chic patterns and looks to suit any keen eye.

Check out these fashionable designer lunch bags that we picked out:

Sachi Fashion Designer Lunch Bag

Sachi Fashion Designer Lunch Bags This bag is perfect, and it looks great! It carries just like a small laptop bag so it’s nice and light and with durable handles, yet it looks so glamorous that it’s barely recognizable even among other designer lunch bags.

It’s totally insulated so it’ll keep your food cold (or hot) for a long time which is great if you’re doing the whole packed lunch thing to keep fit and healthy.

While the opening could be a little wider, it’s still pretty roomy and can easily fit another lunch box inside which is saying something. You can get your lunch, snacks and water bottle in here no problem.

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 Kora K7-100 Designer Lunch Totes

Kora K7-100 Designer Lunch Bag This one is probably the best value, it’s under $10! That’s not to say it’s cheap though, far from it. We prefer to say “affordable”.

It’s fully lined and thermal insulated which makes it easy to clean as well.

There is a zipper along the top and an accessory pocket on the outside.

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Sachi Fashion Designer Lunch Bag

Sachi Fashion Designer Lunch Bag We love the look of this one. It’s very easy on the eyes as you can see (right) and looks just like a regular handbag which is cool.

It’ll fit your lunch, snacks, fruit and water bottle quite easily. This is a great alternative to taking your lunch in to work with a plastic bag or paper wrappings.

It has a zipper and an accessory pocket and is fully insulated and lined.

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Designer Lunch Bags

Picking the right designer lunch bag all comes down to personal choice.

Eco Friendly Designer Lunch Bags

Modern designer lunch bags are all BPA-free and Lead-free meaning you’re making an environmental choice as well as a choice to look great.

We hope you liked the designer lunch bags that we picked out for you, remember there’s plenty more where that came from!